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System Layouts

AJS holds a Certificate of Authorization from the Professional Engineers of Ontatario and its conduct is regulated by the guidelines of PEO. Within its capacity to do so, ALS provides engineered drawings to the local authorities for their review and certification.

All designs (both electrical and mechanical) are completed in-house with our own engineering staff. Mechanical design is completed using SolidWorks 3D which allows you to fully review the design intent before committing to fabrication. Using our standard models, we are able to ensure the highest quality designs as well as shorten our delivery times.

All systems delivered are provided with ALS taking on complete process responsibility. Acting as system integrators, we work closely with the laser manufacturer to ensure that the system is designed to meet their specifications as it applies to this product. Our project engineers will work closely with your project engineer from the initial design phase through to the final buy-off.

As system integrators we take full responsibility of our installations including the safety systems. Each system must be designed to meet the local regulatory requirements

A full 3-D layout of your system can help you and your production team visualize the scope of work. The layouts are supported with cycle time and work flow analysis.