Automated Laser Systems (ALS) and its sister company Automated Jetting Systems offer extensive design experience in the areas of industrial laser systems, industrial finishing systems, factory automation and machine design. Our designs include many unique features that make our equipment more durable, easier to operate and maintain. These features also provide operating savings and are standard in the base design. All designs (both electrical and mechanical) are completed in-house by our own engineering staff.

All tooling and auxiliary systems are provided on a turn-key basis with ALS taking on complete system responsibility. Acting as system integrators, we work closely with your laser equipment supplier to ensure that the total system is designed to meet your specifications as it applies to your product. This simplifies your installation process and gives you a single point of contact ensuring a successful project implementation. Our project managers will follow your project from the initial design phase through to the final buy-off.

Focusing on high volume and large part processing, we can provide a dedicated solution that is more cost effective and more productive than standard laser systems.

ALS is a system integrator for Held Systems Deutschland GmbH